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Hello Vanilla Bella Babes,

My name is Danielle Davidson (@dneily on IG) and I started Vanilla Bella. 

I am so grateful that you have found my website and are helping make my dream of owning my own ecommerce business come true! 

With my brand I want to help empower women and give them the confidence to be able to wear whatever they want without feeling insecure. Whether it's sexy crop tops or mini dresses, society has always shamed women for wearing what they want. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and should not be shamed for radiating confidence. I hope that everyone who purchases from me gains confidence, even if its only a little because confidence is truly the key to everything! ;)

I am currently in college since I am 19 years old, and I am majoring in Business Administration. I am also currently trying to pursue another ecommerce business through Amazon FBA. Follow me on tik tok for tips about how to start your own boutique business since I would love to help others achieve their dreams just like I am beginning to!

Have an amazing day and stay confident!

Love, Danielle :)


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